Stara Rakija d.o.o. company does not sell alcohol to persons under the legal age to purchase alcohol in your country of residence and in the country in which you are accessing the Site. By using this page you confirm that you are over the legal age required for purchasing alcoholic beverages and products, and we will rely on that representation, otherwise, if it is not true due to any reason, you agree that you are liable for misrepresentation and that you will cover all costs (including legal fees) and the resulting damages. We endeavor to ensure that alcoholic drinks are neither sold nor delivered to persons under the legal age to purchase alcohol in your country of residence and in the country in which you are accessing the Site. By using this web page you responsibly confirm that the recipient of the delivery meets the legal age to purchase alcohol in your country of residence and in the country in which you are accessing the Site. In addition, you agree that the alcohol you are buying is for personal use and not for reselling. If you cannot confirm the above or if you do not agree with all these terms and conditions please do not use this page. If you intentionally or unintentionally provide false information on your age in order to obtain or provide alcohol for a person who does not meet the legal age to purchase alcohol in your country of residence and in the country in which you are accessing the Site, we will report this to the competent authorities and help you get prosecuted.

Sales of goods through our online store , are performed within the registered activity of Stara Rakija d.o.o. company, address: Milutina Milankovića 9ž, Novi Beograd, Company Registration Number: 20503696

Selling prices of goods are indicated next to each product, whereas the option of buying goods at special beneficial prices or with special sales incentives (promotional sales) is performed in accordance with the terms and conditions published on – shop online;

We tend to be as precise as possible when describing our products, presenting images and prices, but we cannot guarantee that all prices are complete and flawless. Images do not have to be 100% identical with products. All products displayed on the website are part of our offer and it does not have to mean that they are available at any time.

Making payments for products available through our online store may be performed by payment cards – VISA, Maestro, MasterCard or PayPal which support online payment.

Check with the bank that has issued your card whether your card supports online payments.

Confidential information is transferred via public network in protected form by means of SSL security protocol. Due to security reasons, data on your payment card is available only to the bank which has issued you the card, whereas our company, Stara Rakija d.o.o., has no access to them.

Payment data security is guaranteed by the payment card processor. Payment card data is at no time available to our system.

When paying by card, upon the receipt of order confirmation via e-mail, the purchasing order amount will be reserved on your card (account) and it will not be available to you for other purposes.

The transaction will be completed and the amount withdrawn from your account only when the products are ready for transport and handed over to the courier service. If the payment has not been completed, respectively the amount has not been withdrawn from your account by the expiry of 14 days as of the order confirmation date, this purchase order will be cancelled and deleted. After the expiry of 14-day term, the money reserved on your account will be released and available to you again. After this you may repeat the same or place a new order and make relevant payments.

When buyer’s card data is TOKENIZED (stored in a certified manner for later use) at their request or by the merchant’s decision, this data is kept on AllSecure PCI DSS level 1 certified servers. Sensitive card data is transferred in a completely secure and certified manner. The merchant has access to card number and other sensitive data at no time; instead they receive a reference number (token) which may be used in line with conditions arranged with the buyer. The buyer may deregister a previously registered card, as well as change the tokenized card.
In case of partial or full refund of the price to the buyer who has previously made a payment by one of payment cards, and regardless of the refund reason, such refund shall be performed only via the same VISA, Maestro or MasterCard card which was used for payment. This means that our bank will refund the amount to the card user account upon our request.
Dear, in case the shipment is returned due incomplete or incorrect data, buyer is to take care of expenses of repeated shipment. Therefore it is necessary to list the data in the most punctual way and leave your contact telephone.
Products sold through our online store are accompanied with all legally required documents. If you need to make a complaint about the quality of a product, we will fulfill all legally defined obligations as a seller, in the same manner as if you had purchased the goods in a conventional store.

Goods covered by manufacturer’s warranty are sold with manufacturer’s warranty extended to the Buyer. Complaints procedure is initialized at the buyer’s request by filling out the Product Quality Complaint Form.

If you want to start a product complaint procedure, it is necessary to contact us via e-mail or telephone 060 365 00 09 , so that we may send you this Form and that you may send it back to us via e-mail

Stara Rakija d.o.o. company shall not be held liable for any mistakes made by the buyer, for products that have been bought by mistake or any other mistakes regarding your actions while shopping on our Website. If you encounter any irregularities while shopping on our Website or if you did not receive the product you had bought, please contact us on, and we will do our best to remove such irregularities, so that you can receive the product you bought.

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